The Evolution of My Art Opinion

November 1, 2015

(Please forgive me for talking so much about myself)

In 1972, my art career in Santa Fe began at a snail’s stride. My wife and I and two young daughters slept on the floor while we plastered the walls in our new gallery.

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Raffle for Renelle

December 16, 2013

Renelle is a searcher… she is also a cancer victim.  We’re putting on a raffle, Thrill of the Chase style, to raise money for her cancer treatments!

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Salute to a Warrior

December 4, 2013

When Renelle Jacobson stepped out of her car in my driveway, and walked toward me, I was charmed at first sight. Her smile telegraphed a timeless message: “Look out world, because here I come.” She had read about my hidden treasure in Hemispheres, the in-flight magazine for United Airlines, and, she said, “I ripped out the pages, stuffed them in my bag, and told the passenger sitting next to me, ‘Oh, I am SO going to find this when I get home.”

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Sweet Fragrances

November 15, 2013

It’s blustery outside and my wife has gone grocery shopping so I decided to revisit a fun time I had when I was a kid. My mom let me smell the different spices and herbs as she stirred them into recipes she was making. I enjoyed the interaction with my mom, and the wrinkles in my nose indicated to her how much I liked or disliked each aroma.

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I Never Go Shopping

October 14, 2013

I never go shopping…

But I was in Kaune’s grocery store with five items in my cart. Just a few things I needed to watch the Broncos play the Cowboys: pepperoni, bologna, Tabasco, salami and horseradish.

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Wars Last Forever

May 25, 2013

Wars can have a far-reaching sting. To die for some coat-and-tie ideas in Washington is to put a high price on someone else’s opinion.

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