Cactus Cowboys

March 23, 2013

I don’t know why J. R. Williams didn’t get a Pulitzer because he came out of the same cartoon mould as Bill Maudlin who received two. For three decades Williams drew a cartoon a day and was syndicated in more than 700 newspapers at his peak.

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The Brian Joyce Affair

September 25, 2012

Santa Fe is an interesting little city, tucked between several mountain ranges that make up part of the great Rockies. What makes the place different are the many characters who are attracted to it, and I proudly admit to being one of them.

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Concy and Me

September 9, 2012

When I was a young teenager, one of my favorite places to fish in Yellowstone Park was Grebe Lake. It was about 150 acres in size and full of Arctic Grayling and 16” rainbows. My dad and I always fished it two or three times during our three-month summer stays in West Yellowstone. To get there from town we’d drive to Madison Junction, take a left to Norris Junction, then a right and start looking for a small sign on the left that said Grebe Lake Trailhead. The trail was actually a narrow sandy road that was blocked by a locked gate. It was an easy three mile walk from the gate to the lake, even carrying enough gear to stay a couple of nights.

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Why was I not Mad at Him?

May 4, 2012

I’ve waited 43 years to tell this story and I can’t wait any longer.

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Hard Lessons in Art History

May 1, 2012

During my art gallery days, I once found myself lunching with an old friend. He’d been a quasi-important painter in his early days but suffered from an artistic anxiety that left a chip on his shoulder. He just could not stand critics of any variety and most of the time his anger in that regard lacked the moderation necessary to sustain a satisfactory client/painter relationship.

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Elmyr de Hory on Fire

January 7, 2012

I’m not good on camera. That’s why I asked an interviewer from CBS News to let me have a beforehand look at the list of questions she intended to ask me during an interview. I just wanted to think things over for a minute because it wasn’t pre-ordained that I would survive going on live network television, where “King’s X” and “oops” don’t work very well.

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