Raffle for Renelle

Renelle is a searcher… she is also a cancer victim.  We’re putting on a raffle, Thrill of the Chase style, to raise money for her cancer treatments!

Renelle, 41 and single, has a rare bone cancer called osteosarcoma. Five years of chemo and several surgeries didn’t kill the disease, so, in 2011, her left leg was amputated above the knee. She has a prosthetic leg but the ongoing cancer changes her limb shape.

Renelle lives near Yellowstone and searched there several times this past summer. Although she’s come back empty handed each time she says “We had a blast”. Read more about her story in Salute to a Warrior.


Cancer treatments are incredibly expensive and Renelle has insurance. But it will never cover all the costs. So we’re doing something to try to help her out…a fellow searcher who could stand a steadying hand…Were holding a raffle and every cent raised will go to Renelle.

Every good raffle has to have a good prize…and what we have is a GREAT prize. It comes from Forrest. You’ve heard about and probably seen photos of the wonderful, one of a kind art objects on Forrest’s desk. Someone who buys a ticket will walk away with one of Forrest’s own, hand crafted bronze jars.

Renelle is a fighter. No one deserves cancer and when you end up in a battle with cancer for your life it’s good to know your friends will stand in your corner if they can. So that’s what we’re doing here. We’re helping Renelle…We’re standing in her corner.

Here’s what Forrest has to say about the prize….

I’ve made about 30 bells and jars. It’s fun to shape the soft wax and make it do what I want. Then I take the waxes to Shidoni foundry in Tesuque where they are cast in bronze. My fingerprints can always be found somewhere on each surface because the whole exterior texture is fabricated by my fingers.

This jar, which I have given to Renelle’s raffle is 7” tall and weighs 8.5 pounds. I intended to bury deep in the mountains north of Santa Fe in a place where it may not have been found for a thousand years. But helping Renelle suddenly became more important to me.


Such a jar should not be resting idly empty so I’ve packed it with a few prehistoric and early historic objects that I’ve had for many years. The artifacts are full of history that would fill a hundred books if they could speak. Those thoughts warm me. The bones (mostly rabbit) are from animals that were eaten by humans more than 700 years ago. They came from the ancient San Lazaro Pueblo.


If the person who wins the raffle will bring the contents of the jar to me, I will explain what I know about each item. I love these things but I promise not to join the raffle competition.

To get your raffle ticket, click on the image below.  Thank you and good luck!

Chris Claflin