Kiva B Gaming Pieces

    The purpose of the “human” effigies pictured here has long been a point of conjecture; everyone seems to have a different idea about their use. An acquaintance at Taos Pueblo, who always spoke with his mouth almost closed, informed me that they were only whimsical toys made for children, as he laughed at me for asking the question. He laughed so loudly that I could see he had no teeth in the front of his mouth, which struck me as being funny, so we each had a hearty laugh at the expense of the other. These objects were made by abrading pottery fragments into the desired shapes. After studying quite a few pieces, we concluded that the paint design made a difference in determining which sherd was selected. Many of the figures look as if they are wearing wrap-around shawls or loincloths. . Similar figures, such as the one in the bottom left corner of the photo, are made of sandstone.

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