Medicine Bundle

    More pieces of the medicine bundle are included in this photo. The top two bones are left and right ulnae (wings) of a large bird that have not been altered by man. The second two bones are 7-inch-Iong flutes with elongated sounding holes that also were made from the left and right ulnae of a large bird. Both instruments still contain pine pitch in their sounding holes, which produce music when air is blown across them. The third layer contains twelve quartz crystals (silicon dioxide), three rounded chalcedony medicine stones, a round iron concretion,  a 5/8-inch bone tube made from the radius of a large bird, and a bone splinter awl. The bottom two rows contain two mother-of-pearl earrings 2.25 inches long, a mother-of-pearl pendant,  two quartz, crystals, two blue fluorite crystals (calcium fluoride),  pieces of rubbed azurite (hydrated copper carbonate) and limonite (hydrated iron oxide), a mother-of-pearl fragment two pieces of selenite (gypsum), a small red rectangular piece of orthoclase (potassium aluminum silicate),  three small pieces of amazonite (microcline feldspar}, a small turquoise bead, three incisors of a vegetarian animal (probably a goat or sheep), and a small white triangular projectile point made from a fine-grained quartz. The object at the far right is a 2.625 inch iron awl, which indicates the date of the medicine kit is between 1541 and 1680.

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