The San Lazaro Pueblo

The Galisteo Basin is home to eight large pueblo ruins of which San Lazaro, a Tano pueblo, is the largest. Some archaeologists think there may be as many as 5,000 rooms in its twenty-seven room blocks that cover more than fifty-seven acres. It is a huge site measuring 1,438 feet north to south and 1,738 feet east to west, once a bustling city that may have been home to 1,800 or more people at one time.

Aerial View of San Lazaro Pueblo

This aerial view shows the rooms we have excavated in both the north end of Building I (in the center of the picture) and the smaller Building II (near the top). We back filled some rooms and saved the south half of each building for future archaeologists to excavate. Most of the artifacts we have recovered have come from these two room blocks.

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Available for purchase in our Store is the book The Secrets of San Lazaro Pueblo by Forrest Fenn.

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