Galleries and Museums

Buffalo Bill Historical Center

The Buffalo Bill Historical Center is a museum that educates the public by advancing knowledge about the American West through acquiring, preserving, exhibiting, and interpreting collections.

Museum of the Mountain Man

Since 1990, the Museum of the Mountain Man has been preserving and interpreting the history of the Rocky Mountain fur trade.

Matteucci Galleries

Nedra Matteucci Galleries is recognized around the world for its collection of contemporary and historic art. The gallery specializes in 19th and 20th century American art, including the Taos Society of Artists, artists of the American West, and masters of American Impressionism and Modernism.

Michael Wigley Galleries

A premier gallery on Santa Fe’s Paseo de Peralta loop, Wigley Galleries are a treasured destination for serious art viewers and collectors.

Art-Related Businesses

Mark Mullins Paleo

Posters for sale including brilliant images of artifacts, tools and weapons found in many different locales left by possibly the first American Indians near the end of the last Ice Age in North America. These are some of the oldest and finest artifacts discovered in the Americas.

Bruno Advertising and Design

Bruno Advertising+Design began business in 1978 in Southern California. Our signature for the past thirty-one years has been print advertising, collateral production, marketing strategies, identity, and branding development. As Creative Director, Lou Bruno has led his group through dozens of major ad campaigns for companies and corporations with regional, national and international scope. Offices in Costa Mesa, CA and Santa Fe, NM have served a variety of industries including manufacturing, hospitality, commercial development, technologies, and healthcare.


Collected Works Bookstore

Collected Works is an independent and locally-owned business, located on the corner of Galisteo & Water Streets in downtown Santa Fe, just blocks from the historic Plaza. Collected works is the exclusive seller of books by Forrest Fenn.

Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child

Here you can learn more about the authors, their collaboration and their books. Or read sample chapters, reviews and exclusive behind-the-scenes information.

Friends of America's Past

Friends of America's Past is a nonprofit tax-exempt organization dedicated to promoting and advancing the rights of scientists and the public to learn about America's past. Our mission is to keep the door of scientific inquiry open and to work to maintain the integrity of scientific inquiry in this country.

Splendid Heritage

Treasures of Native American Art. The primary goal of this site is educational and attempts to document and share the objects that are found in a number of superb private collections of American Indian Art including the Warnock Collection, Fenn Collection, Nagy Collection, Kinker Collection, and the Fry Collection.

American Geode

A source of geodes, minerals, gems, and fossils for collectors, academics in geology and paleontology, museums, and even interior design professionals.

Other Resources

Bob Haworth

"The finest independent musician in America today" says Folk Music America about Bob Haworth, who toured for nearly four decades as a key member of The Brothers Four and The Kingston Trio. Today he lives in Golden Colorado where he focuses on his solo career and Concerts for a Cure his mission to encourage other musicians to set aside money from concerts and music sales for programs seeking a cure for neurological disorders - ALS, Parkinson's and Alzheimers.

The 85th Fighter Interceptor Squadron

This site is intended to convey information and a bit of aviation history. The humble contributor, Donald M Condra's, first assignment after pilot training in 1953 was to the 85th Fighter Interceptor Squadron at Scott AFB, Illinois flying the F-86D. Many fond memories remain to be shared with you.

Innerspace Exploration Team

Non-profit organization lead by Crayton Fenn (Forrest's nephew) specializing in sidescan sonar surveys, drowning victim location and recovery, and the conservation and preservation of the marine environment.

Fenn Enterprises

Equipped with the latest in marine survey equipment and experienced personnel, Fenn Enterprises is a recognized leader in the field of hydrographic surveys.