Comfort Dolls

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    Handmade by Forrest’s granddaughter, Lucca, these Comfort Dolls are made to be calming and soothing.  With lavender-filled arms, they are great companions for your little (or older) ones.  Each doll is adorned with beads from Forrest’s collection and is unique!

    Dolls shown here are examples - your doll will be a surprise!  Limited quantity are available and will be sewn as orders come in so delivery times may vary.  Order now to ensure your doll will be shipped in time for Christmas!

    Not for children under 3 yrs old.
    Size and length vary (approx. 18” - 28”)
    Shipped via USPS Priority Mail - All dolls in stock have been sold but Lucca will be sewing as fast as she can to fulfill orders by 12/18.

    For order inquiries or special instructions, please contact [email protected]

    Mother of two little ones, Lucca made one of these dolls for her daughter.  She carries it everywhere and loves it so much that Lucca decided to make them for others to enjoy (and to help put her husband through college).

    Comfort Dolls

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