Teepee Smoke: A New Look Into the Life and Work of Joseph Henry Sharp

    This book is about Indians, as seen by an artist who was born sixteen years before General Custer was killed in the Battle of the Little Big Horn. The artist, Joseph Henry Sharp, watched and recorded a way of life long since faded form our view.  He painted 212 portraits of Indians who fought against Custer, and for 60 years, he studied and painted the Pueblo Indians and landscapes of the Southwest, But most importantly, he left a rich legacy of stories, photographs and paintings which reveals the American Indian as he was.

    Author, Forrest Fenn has revised and enlarged his biography of J. H. Sharp. This beautiful book features 206 new images - many of which are recently discovered paintings. A must for those who collect western art or history, Indian artifacts and vintage photographs.

    355 Pages
    175 Color Plates
    132 B&W Images
    Addendum of all known Sharp Paintings                

    Printed in the USA.

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