Spirits in the Art: From the Plains and Southwest Indian Cultures

Spirits in the Art: From the Plains and Southwest Indian Cultures


Over 900 objects are illustrated in 264 color plates. The collection, assembled over 50 years by noted art dealer Forrest Fenn and his father, contains never-before seen works of Plains and Southwest Indian Art. The objects include the largest collection extant of Kiowa and Comanche footwear and strike-a-light bags, 12,000 year-old cache of Clovis Man spear points, unique artifacts from long-abandoned San Lazaro Pueblo, and a large assemblage of plains and southwestern beaded and quilled objects. This book is a must for students of native American history and ethnology, for folk and primitive art collectors, and for any person interested in the dynamic and fascinating relationships of two cultures and races in friendship and confrontation.

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The 64,000 word text by ethno historian James Hanson covers the gamut of history, correcting myths and misinterpretations about Native Americans, from their arrival on this continent to the origins of the custom of scalping. He brings a vast store of field and archival research to the task.

The work includes an amazing array of shields, shirts, war bonnets, dresses, moccasins, belts, bags, dolls, toys, quivers, lances, jewelry, parfleches, basketspots, and bowls, roaches, masks, kachinas, beads, fetishes, bows, leggings and so on.

The text discusses the evolution of design and manufacturing techniques that will assist the reader in identifying tribe and time period of historical Indian artifacts.
There is no other book available that covers the range of tribes and types of artifacts included in Spirits in the Art.
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Printed in the USA.